Apr 21, 2010

What to do?

OK guys - I have not had much to say as of late. First, I would like to explain that with the state of the economy and worldwide needs concerning natural disasters Building Champion Cylists FL just did not seem that important. Also, due to a reduction in workload on my part I deemed it appropriate to cut back on traveling and the expense of racing or competing outside of my local area. As far a efforts to raise funds for BCCFL I was not comfortable asking any individual or business for donations when there are so many other non profits, churches, private schools and organizations in great need of donations.

There is still money in the BCC account (approximately $500.00). I am asking what you want me to do with it, as I don’t see the economy to picking back up in a timely manner that might change my mind to get back to actively promoting this program. I feel there has been a significant increase in the promotion of cycling in the past two years with the availability of professional coaching, Florida Cycling Magazine and increased organization with the Road Racing scene. A number of private individuals are donating their time and knowledge in many ways.

So what to do with the $500:00

My thought. Cash Primes at this upcoming Gone Riding Fall Series races. Not sure of the criteria (fastest 3rd lap to place top 5) (most consistent lap times). What divisions?

Currently I have elected to coach Girls Track, Boys Track and Volley Ball at my daughters private school on a voluntary basis. This takes away from my time and energy level concerning this program. I had full intention of giving BCC 5yrs, but did not anticipate the changes that have taken place since the conception of the program.

Nov 14, 2009

Culinary Competitor: Put the spoon away - Icecream is not a meal.

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Culinary Competitor is a recipe resource for participants in lifestyle sports that are fully committed to their performance, but still want to retain a little bit of lifestyle in their competitive pursuits.

Nov 9, 2009


Gone Riding’s Florida State Championship has 5 Races in the Books and scores to be tallied. The Under 23 group had come on strong with Brent Hall in 3rd place and Martin Cox and Regan Woodall working to get in the top 5. Race 5 was at Oleta River State Park – now this race is difficult with the technical aspect causing slow overall times. This race is a metal game – things go wrong, crashes come out of nowhere and passing other riders can be a nightmare. The U23 group did not fair so well in the overall results under these conditions. Three races remain, drop the worst race result races then the final race at Santos, which is a must finish as the result cannot be dropped. Lets see how it shakes out.

Changes are taking place in the Florida Cycling Scene. Florida Racing Magazine is active updating the public with local and national cycling result and pertinent news. Individuals have taken the time and put forth the effort to write articles concerning the MTB racing scene.

Drew Edsall of Endurance Factor is coaching in the state and offering free MTB clinics. Matt GoForth of OYM is active in the MTB scene and providing his services as well as many entities statewide. Joel Chavez is providing coaching and abbreviated free training plans for road cyclist.

The scene of Florida Cycling is changing and things are looking good.

Sep 16, 2009

Gone Riding Florida Championship #1 Gainesville, Fl:

Ryan Woodall and Martin Cox


Sep 9, 2009

Dealing with Athletic Adversity:

So, have you experienced athletic adversity? How an athlete deals with adversity during an athletic event is learned – frequently from bad experiences. You can pass the first test by not giving up - finish what you start. Now, you should be looking for answers on what to do next time via mentors, parents, and the cycling community. Keep in mind that sportsmanship, ethics, and fair play should be foremost on your mind.

Whenever the demands are the greatest is when the characteristics of mental toughness are the most evident.

Mental toughness is not an inborn DNA trait, but rather one that is developed over time and exposure to adverse conditions. Preparation in mental toughness begins with experiences at a young age. Parents can play a key role to begin the process of training mental toughness, but they need help along the way. A disciplined educational system with high expectations and good classroom rules, along with tough, but fair coaches (or mentors in other activities) with a positive mind set, is essential to developing a child mentally. Content obtained from http://ezinearticles.com/?What-is-Mental-Toughness-and-Why-Is-It-Important?&id=1856995

Sep 4, 2009

Funding Update:

During 2008 and 2009, BCCyclists provided funds (based on your donations or services) to these cyclists for national events. Cox and Hall were provided cash assistance based on donations from individual donors and sponsors. Woodall received Wobble-Naught bike fittings and coaching from Matt Goforth of On Your Mark. In addition, Publix provided a nutritional hydration donation In 2008 about $600 was released and about $800 in services. During 2009 about $400 in cash was provided for national races to help cover travel and food expenses. In addition, during 2009 Drew Edsal of Endurance Factor provided assistance to BCC rider(s) as did Matt Goforth of On Your Mark Performance Center.

Additional sponsors are needed and welcome. Feel free to contact the program with any ideas or question. You can donate directly to the program or to the sponsored riders based on their needs at your discresion.

The primary requirements for National Race funding is proof of training via a Training Log or coordination with the Coach indicating an appropriate training status. Also required is a signed Letter of Intent and Request For Funding.

BCCyclists members are:

Regan Woodall, (age 20) an Ocala resident, was the 2007 Sport (19-24) National Champion and the 2008 National Expert Champion (19-24). After his 2008 National Championship, he moved up to Semi Pro. Regan is coached by OYM.com. Regan broke his collar bone over the summer, but is back on the bike and took his first wins of 2009 at the Red Trail Racing Trail 2 Trail in August and 3 Rider Team Event of 8 Hours of Labor in September

Martin Cox, a resident of Gainesville, is now 19, and at age 17, he was also racing out of his age group and won a pro MTB race at Reddick, Fla., duirng the Fall Series. Cox is racing Semi Pro and continues to be coached by Drew Edsall. He has spent time during a the summer of 2008 training in Colorado, He has raced numerous national calendar races and is striving to turn professional. His most recent win was the 2 Rider Team at 8 Hours of Labor in September.

Brent Hall, a resident of Polk County, is 19 and moving up to race Senior Expert. He has received help from BCC for training and since has received coaching from Drew Edsall along with training time in Colorado over the summer of 2009. He is a member of Team Bent’s. Hall also attended several national races and competed in XC and short track and MTB Nationals in 2009 finishing mid field.

Jamie Knight (age 17) a Polk County resident who at 16 was the 2007 Junior National Sport MTB Champion and Florida Gone Riding Single Speed Open Class Champion. At such an young age he has also raced senior expert under the coaching of Drew Edsall and rides for Team Bent’s. Knight has exceptional talent to develop at his young age.

Aug 10, 2009

Weekend at Fontana: a report from Martin Cox:

Started off Saturday morning with the Downhill event. However, on my second practice run I broke a chain but was able to get it fixed in time for additional practice runs. I started the race as the only full on cross-country racer in the pro downhill field. After the first run I found myself in 2nd place with a time of 3:40 with the leader having an impressive 3:32. On the second run I was a little smoother and faster and almost won with a time of 3:33 - not good enough to win but gave me a secure second. All in all it was a great event and a good way to be known as one of the best technical riders in the southeast.

Saturday night was short track, which started off blistering fast and after about 4-5 minutes I found myself pushing really hard in a 4-man break. Trying to make a smart decision I backed off in hopes of holding 4th and slowly working into third by the end. I held a 4th the whole race and the top 3 surprisingly stayed pretty close together. My decision to hold back was most likely the best decision after a full day of racing and still have the cross-country race the following day.

Cross-country on Sunday started with a small packed field. My goal was to not worry about the speed at first and slowly work into the top 5 by the finish. After the first lap I found myself in 8th place with 2 guys right in front of me. Unfortunately, starting the second lap I got a sidewall tire cut and despite diligent efforts it would not seal. This was really depressing, as top 5 was seemed easily in my reach.

I have elected not to attend Nationals using the Fontana race weekend to evaluate my fitness after experiencing and overcoming some injuries and other issues typical of efforts of competing at the pro level. I am looking forward to these years Florida State Series hosted by Gone Riding and would like to thank BCCFL for the funding assistance that assisted in my opportunity to compete in the final SERC this year at Fontana. Thanks to all that donate to this program.